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Through reusability of data between logistics stakeholders digitally connected, customs are now able to streamline the border control process.

Our single window solution allows logistics data to be created and accumulated between all relevant stakeholders, regardless of their levels of digitalization.

  • Interconnects CBRAs based on their respective levels of digitalization: i) the system-to-system interface for those who operates their own electronic systems, and ii) the web application included in the Single Window system for those who handle their LPCO tasks manually.
  • Equipped with an integrated risk engine so that each CBRA can create/manage/simulate its own risk criteria. It allows customs and CBRAs to plan joint-inspections, co-record inspection results, and exchange relevant information.
  • Implements an harmonized ecosystem of data among logistics stakeholders (i.e. shippers, port authorities, and others). This new environment prevents users from making duplicated data entries, thus increases accuracy of data and timeliness of cross-border trade.

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CUPIA provides a robust development methodology to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Apart from the solutions mentioned above, CUPIA provides 100% customization to meet local needs.

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