We develop a total trade facilitation systems encompassing the entire trade operation.

Explore our modularized, fully-compatible, and commercial off the shelf product.

Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design stage includes BPR (Business Process Reengineering) and ISP (Information Strategy Planning) of the current work environment. The project can be conducted either by an iteration-based Agile set-up or by a traditional waterfall model, depending on how sophisticated the user requirements are defined.


During Implementation stage, our team of developers will build the solution based on the architecture designed. We encourage our clients to allocate their ICT personnel and team them up with our developers so that our clients can operate the system with minimum assistance after the handover of the solution.

Testing and roll-out

Testing and Roll-out

Once the implementation is complete, the joint team will conduct a thorough testing to make sure that the solution does perform seamlessly and harmoniously. Clients may choose to run a pilot operation in a preferred location and then roll-out nationwide once the performance level reaches their expectation.


After the delivery of the solution, a warranty period will be followed. During this time, tasks in the forms of preventive and corrective maintenance will be conducted with no extra cost. The duration of a warranty period is usually between 3 to 12 months.



The below are the main features the development service offers.

& Flexibility

Our system is modularized, thus may be implemented as a package or individually.

Also, each and every module is fully-compatible with any legacy system (i.e. ASYCUDA).

The system is fully-capable of operating harmoniously in a multi-system platform (i.e. legacy ESW, Port Community system, Domestic Tax system, Payment Gateway, and more)


Equipped with a number of analytic functions embedded with AI and Big Data technology. 

For example, functions such as AI enhanced X-ray detection and face recognition, risk analysis using Big Data, and Machine Learning based classification will allow you to utilize the latest technology for a smart, robust, and efficient trade operation.


Although our methodologies have proven efficient by previous implementation projects, we strive to provide more reliable and efficient services to our clients.

Our agile development methodology will value customer satisfaction as its highest priority and guarantee results through CI/CD.

System is fully capable of operating in cloud environments.

For developing a high available, scalable, and cost-effective system, an extensive environment analysis including BPR/ISP can be conducted, to provide a best configuration of hybrid cloud architecture for optimum customs operation.


CUPIA provides a robust development methodology to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Apart from the solutions mentioned above, CUPIA provides 100% customization to meet local needs.

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