UNI-PASS is a comprehensive customs solution that enhances the entire customs administration.
Implementation of UNI-PASS involves innovating regulations, business practices and organization structure by applying international standards, automation and digitalization techniques,
advanced risk analytics,
 big data, and AI.

Find out more about the history and background of the UNI-PASS system.

The main advantages of UNI-PASS is its
FLEXIBILITY to integrate with surrounding solutions,
ADAPTABILITY to various geopolitical and legal environments, and
MAINTAINABILITY to allow easy manipulation to the system.

Powered by A.I.
Analytic functions embedded

with AI and Big Data technology

Cloud friendly
Fully capable of operating
in cloud environments

Agile methodology
Persistent in continuously
innovating our solutions

Independent and robust
100% Java language based,
Multi-tier architecture

100% Customizable
to local needs, applying international standards and best practices

Full source code provision
No restrictions of modifications,
Scalable modular design

Our Solutions

CUPIA provides various solutions to resolve the fundamental barriers encountered by customs authorities. 
Our purpose is to deliver a balance between 
trade facilitation and risk control, and 
boost the regional economic growth through integrity.

Interested in UNI-PASS?

In each country, customs process has evolved over time reflecting one’s rich history and geopolitical features. Let CUPIA’s Smart Customs solution help you achieve the global standard by fusing innovative technologies into your unique customs heritage.