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Thanks to our robust and intelligent risk management solution, customs are now able to conduct sophisticated risk analysis with the click of a button.

Our risk management solution allows customs revenue to increase significantly while the degree of human intervention is kept to a minimum level.

  • Countries adopted our Risk Management solution such as Ecuador and Tanzania experienced the boost in revenue despite of decreasing trade volume. Additionally, the percentage of automatic processing has increased while logistics delay caused by the customs has reduced by a large margin.
  • The A.I. enhanced solution provides advanced risk analysis (e.g. X-ray image analysis, non-compliant trader pattern analysis, and passenger analysis) in a split second.
  • For the purpose of helping customs to quantify the level of compliance, the solution automatically manages score points for all trade-related categories (e.g. importer, declarant, HS, and other trade partners).

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CUPIA provides a robust development methodology to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Apart from the solutions mentioned above, CUPIA provides 100% customization to meet local needs.

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