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Through transparency and traceability, customs are now able to facilitate trade by eliminating unnecessary interventions.

Our customs management solution allows each and every customs division to access and manage customs data in the same system.

  • Provides automated system features to the entire customs processes including post clearance audit, cargo manifest, warehouse, investigation & court appeal, and human resource.
  • Offers system functions including data exchange mechanisms to trade communities such as shippers, warehouses, brokers, consolidators, forwarders, and others.
  • Customs can improve the efficiency of its control due to modernized processes and make sure that tax revenue is properly collected. Additionally, trade communities can obtain enhanced competitiveness thanks to reduced time and cost, as well as increased predictability in cross-border trade.

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CUPIA provides a robust development methodology to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Apart from the solutions mentioned above, CUPIA provides 100% customization to meet local needs.

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