Our dedicate team of customs and IT experts with 30+ year of experience

can provide quality service based on proven results.

Feasibility Study

Service delivered within 1-6 months to provide an overview of the current issues, propose a solution, provide an action plan, estimate cost and evaluate the return on investment. Sufficient information for decision-making or for the purpose of project approval.

Master Plan Consulting

Service delivered within 6-12 months by performing a thorough analysis on the trade processes, trade laws, organization structure and the IT system and proposing a mid-term master plan for trade process modernization driven by IT.


PI (Process Innovation) Consulting

Service delivered during project execution with the purpose to evaluate and design a novel business process and IT system model, establish the vision of the future solution and detail the action plan (schedule) for the delivery of the solution.

Solution Consulting

Service delivered during project execution with the purpose of securely and accurately delivering the UNI-PASS solution by performing a functional Gap Analysis, installing and configuring the solution, and the final roll-out.



The below are the main features the consulting service offers.

Action Plan

Based on a thorough As-Is analysis, our team will draw up an action plan of how to best modernize your trade process.

The team will suggest different versions of action plan taking into account factors such as budget, legacy system, and strategic plans.

These plans will then be mutually conceded before final presentation.


Trade administrations (such as customs) around the world, at certain point in time, will each face a similar type of problems.

Lessons learned by CUPIA from a number of system implementation projects, as well as know-how from Subject Matter Experts from Korea can come into valuable insights for your customs administration.

Training Programme
in Korea

Most of our consulting projects include an invitation programme for our clients to visit Korea.

The program consists of on-site visit to relevant government agencies (such as customs and CBRAs) and major ports, a brief demonstration of UNI-PASS, and cultural activities.


For possible sources of funding, our team will coordinate with the client to seek availability of various options such as KOICA grant, EDCF loan, MDB fund, and public-private partnership.

CUPIA can also provide short term feasibility studies free of charge.


CUPIA provides a robust development methodology to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Apart from the solutions mentioned above, CUPIA provides 100% customization to meet local needs.

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