[Master Plan] 2013 Master Plan for Customs Modernization

Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, and Uzbekistan are the countries chosen by the Korea Customs Service (KCS) to provide an assistance for the establishment of a Master Plan for customs modernization. Senior consultants and engineers from KCS and CUPIA visited target countries in order to analyze the current status and propose improvement directions and a roadmap for customs modernization.

As part of the assistance an invitation training (in Korea) was provided for the customs officials of the recipient countries, where participants had the chance to see the UNI-PASS system in operation while learning more about the know-how and experience from the KCS in the development of the UNI-PASS system.

Among the participants, Claudia Gaviria, the Director General of Colombia Customs, mentioned that she became more interested in the UNI-PASS system thanks to the invitation training program; and Luis Fuentes from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Industry of Colombia, showed interest in the Korean Single Window system mentioning that such an interfaced system is required in Colombia.

In the wake of the Master Plan, KCS and CUPIA is committed to cooperate in the field of Customs administration with the recipient countries to assist in customs modernization, training and sharing of knowledge.

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