[Development] TANCIS: Modernization of Customs Administration (TRA)

CUPIA has put tremendous efforts to expend its international market to another continent, Africa. In year 2008, CUPIA conducted a feasibility Study for the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA, www.tra.go.tz) suggesting implementation of Risk Management and Cargo Management systems.

In cognizance of the necessity of the systems mentioned, it was agreed for CUPIA to conduct an Official Development Assistance funded project for the modernization of customs administration in TRA. This project kicked off in 2011 and continued for 2 years to implement risk management and cargo management system restricted to Dar es Salaam area.

TRA has consistently aimed for efficiency in tax administration by optimal technology utilization which will facilitate electronic services in every aspect of customs clearance procedure. Align with that, there was another project put out to tender in 2011, amid of the previous project, for developing a new customs system to replace ASSYCUDA system.

TRA was copacetic with skills and knowledge that CUPIA has shown during the first project. Predicated on this trust and competitive proposal, CUPIA won the bid and entered into a contract with the TRA on August 23, 2012 for “THE SUPPLY INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE FOR A NEW AUTOMATED CUSTOMS SYSTEM”, also known as TANCIS project. The TANCIS extended its scope to approximately 22 modules covering the entire customs clearance procedure.

CUPIA conducted the TANCIS project in several perspectives such as BPR/ISP, design, 3 phased development, training, testing, and etc. Taking 2 years of development and implementation, the project was completed in August 2014. Currently, the TANCIS is in a stabilization state while rolling out to the entire border posts nationwide.

TRA and its stakeholders are now already experiencing swift clearance and increase on revenue yields. TANCIS draws attention from EAC. Also, the significance of the Tanzania projects is that this was a new business concept which an ODA project led to another relevant project. For these reasons the project has been recognized as the best practice by KOICA in 2013.

Fourth Corporate Plan focus is attributed to the changes in TRA’s operating environment which include the level of sophistication of stakeholders, the desire to offer services that meet or exceed customer expectations and the Government’s need to be more self-reliant by increasing domestic revenue mobilization to eventual reduction in aid dependency in the Government budget.

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