CUPIA celebrates its 16th anniversary

On August 1, 2022, CUPIA held its 16th anniversary celebration at the Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel. The event consisted of two parts. Part 1 was an internal event that included promotions, awards, and other ceremonies. Part 2 was an official event that included distinguished guests such as the Director of ICT and Data Policy Bureau of the Korea Customs Service, former CUPIA chairman and presidents, board members, representatives of related organizations, and representatives of partner companies. The event featured the declaration of CUPIA’s new future vision and manifesto.


Message from Yoon-shik KIM, Chairman of CUPIA

Dear CUPIA family!

 As we celebrate our 16th anniversary, we are dreaming of taking one more big leap. Let’s become a Global Leader that is recognized as the best both domestically and internationally.

 We must become the member of CUPIA that leads the global market, based on our foundation in Korea. Let’s lead the world in trade facilitation beyond customs administration and make the CUPIA system the global standard.

To achieve this, CUPIA must become a leader in technology. We should utilize this technology in UNI-PASS and strive to develop and cultivate future talent, so that we can be recognized worldwide.

 Next, we need to become a part of CUPIA that grows together with everyone. Along with CUPIA’s growth, the partner countries that adopt our system should also grow, and we should be able to contribute to those countries and their people.

 Distinguished guests and CUPIA family!

 CUPIA has been running hard since its establishment and has achieved its current growth. All of this has been possible thanks to your help and dedication. 

I sincerely express my gratitude to you all.