CUPIA’s consulting project for Botswana is introduced in the WCO Newsletter

The CUPIA consultancy division has been conducting a customs administration modernization consulting project in Botswana since April this year.

An article introducing the project was published in the WCO ESA (East and South African Region) Newsletter.

About the Customs Modernization Consulting Project

The Customs Modernization Consulting Project is a project commissioned by the Korea Customs Service and CUPIA has provided consulting services to a total of 33 countries as a consultant since 2012. 

The consultant conducts interviews to understand the status quo of customs administration (i.e., customs laws and policies, organization, business procedures) and ICT status (i.e., infrastructure, applications, operation). Also, a program to invite delegations from the customs authorities of the recipient country to Korea for experience sharing and training is carried out. 

As the final deliverable of the project, the consultant submits a consulting report to the customs authorities containing a status quo analysis, a future model based on global best practices, and an action plan towards the customs authorities.