Jordan Customs and International Trade Centre visit CUPIA Seoul Headquarters


CUPIA Management with Eng. Jalal S. Al-Qudah, the Director General of Jordan Customs, and Raghad Altalli, Trade Facilitation Advisor of the International Trade Centre

On May 17, 2024, a delegation led by Eng. Jalal S. Al-Qudah, the Director General of the Jordan Customs Department and WCO Vice-Chair for the MENA Region, along with representatives from the International Trade Centre, visited the CUPIA Seoul Headquarters.

This program, supported by the International Trade Centre, was organized to benchmark Korea Customs’ UNI-PASS, which is globally recognized for its excellence. The delegation visited CUPIA for a live demonstration of the UNI-PASS system, as the main agenda of the program.

The live demonstration was performed using CUPIA’s two recently launched solutions: the e-PASS Customs Management System and the e-PASS Electronic Single Window. The delegation showed great interest in the demonstration, engaging in extensive Q&A sessions and sharing valuable insights.

Jordan Customs and International Trade Centre Delegation with Yoon-shik Kim, Chairman of CUPIA

In 2023, as a public service-related organization, CUPIA released e-PASS, a Commercial-off-the-Shelf product of UNI-PASS, as part of its mission to contribute to the advancement of global customs administration and to support the economic development of its global partner countries.

Leveraging the informatization philosophy and technological prowess of Korea, CUPIA has established localized and customized UNI-PASS systems in a total of 10 countries. Recently, CUPIA has been expanding its scope to include domestic tax solutions in addition to comprehensive customs solutions.