Bosnia and Herzegovina delegation visits CUPIA to explore e-PASS solutions

Yoon-shik Kim, Chairman of CUPIA, taking a commemorative photo with Zoran Tegeltija, Director of Indirect Tax Authority, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On April 4, 2024, CUPIA had the honor of hosting a delegation from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Indirect Tax Authority to demonstrate e-PASS, the ready-to-deploy version of the renowned UNI-PASS system.

The session began with an overview of our mission and the global impact of our technologies, emphasizing how e-PASS could streamline customs and trade processes into a unified platform, aiming to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance with international trade standards.

The adaptability features of e-PASS especially captivated the Director of the Indirect Tax Authority, Zoran Tegeltija, and his team. While our discussions were exploratory, they highlighted the potential for enhancing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s customs operations with such technological solutions.

The visit was instrumental in laying the groundwork for potential future cooperation. It opened avenues for both parties to explore mutual interests and consider the integration of e-PASS to help modernize their customs operations.

The meeting concluded with a reaffirmation of interest in continued dialogue, with both sides expressing enthusiasm about the future conversations this initial encounter might lead to.

A warm welcome to the delegation from Indirect Tax Authority, Bosnia and Herzegovina at CUPIA's Seoul headquarter.