CUPIA receives WCO award in collaboration with Tanzania Revenue Authority

Certificate of Merit, awarded to CUPIA by World Customs Organization

On January 26, the International Customs Day, CUPIA was honored with a certificate of merit by the World Customs Organization (WCO) through the Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

This recognition is tied to two significant projects CUPIA is engaged in partnership with Tanzania. One is the implementation project for the next-generation TANCIS (Tanzania Customs Integrated System) contracted in February 2023, and the other is the implementation project for the IDRAS (Integrated Domestic Revenue Administration System) contracted in January 2024. These projects hold immense importance in bolstering Tanzania’s national economy and administration.

Alphayo Japani Kidata, the Commissioner General of TRA acknowledges CUPIA as a strategic ally and entrusts CUPIA with endeavors based on mutual trust and confidence. It’s noteworthy that despite CUPIA’s lack of prior experience in domestic tax system implementation, TRA has been entrusted with such large-scale project, underscoring its capabilities and reliability.

Cheol-gi Seo, Project Manager of TANCIS project, receives the WCO award from Commissioner General of TRA